Cake Stuff Discount

All Annual Monthly and Pro members of the PBSS are entitled to 10% off products at

All Pro Members of the PBSS school are entitled to 25% off their first order at Cake-Stuff and thereafter 10% off any other order following this 25% discount order.

The discount code for Cake-Stuff is personalised and cannot be given out to your friends and family. If for whatever reason, we believe that you are abusing your discount code, we will inform Cake Stuff and they will make a decision whether to process the order.

To get your discount code, you have to be a current member. You can get your code by logging into our website as normal and following this link -

You will then see a box which states "Get Your Discount". If you select this option and head over to the Cake Stuff site - they will give you, your own personal code to use at the checkout. 

I hope this helps!

Happy Shopping :-) 


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