Are your courses suitable for everyone?

Absolutely! We’re extremely conscious here at the School of making sure that every single one of our members are catered for. We release one course per week and every one of those courses varies in style, skill level and the time it takes to recreate. We’ve been going for a while now, so we have a huge backlog of courses from beginner to advanced ranging from cupcakes and sugar models through to five tier wedding cakes that retail for £££’s and of course, everything in between.

Paul’s teaching style has seen him become a hugely popular teacher in the cake decorating world. Why? Because he makes every detail in every lesson accessible and easy to follow. Even in our most advanced courses, Paul starts from the very basic part of the cake and we follow him right through to the final product, everything is filmed when we create a new course and we don’t remove any part of the footage, even when Paul or a guest makes a mistake – which has been know to happen on very rare occasions.

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