I've paid for membership, but I can't access courses.

If you have just paid for your membership and after logging in can’t seem to access any courses, there are a couple of scenarios below where this can happen:

  • When signing up did you create a new account? In some cases members create a new account upon signup, make sure you’re logging into the new account that you’ve created and not an older free account that might be associated with your email address. If you’re stuck and not sure what you’re username is get in touch and we’ll resolve the problem quickly.
  • In some rare cases a payment will initially go through and subsequently fail validation with our payment gateway, in these rare situations you may even receive a confirmation email stating your payment was successful, in this situation you have not been charged but of course get in touch so we can find an alternate means of payment to offer.

If you find yourself without access but are confident that payment was successful, let us know by clicking here to email us and we will work hard to resolve the problem.

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